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Don't turn away patients any longer! Fotona's new QX MAX removes all popular tattoo colors and common pigmented lesions. Even more! It offers you the ability to provide FRAC3 rejuvenation, hair removal and vascular treatments.

The QX MAX features highest performance characteristics and includes unique innovations to make treatments more efficient, effective and safe. Find out now why the 5-in-1 QX MAX is the most advanced Q-switched technology solution on the market today.


  • 5 laser sources in 1 system
  • Uniform beam profiles with VCT
  • Highest single pulse energy for more efficiency
  • Advanced performance guarantees efficacy at larger spotsizes
  • OPTOflex arm increases precision and accuracy
  • Wider range of treatments including FRAC3
  • Wireless footswitch avoids cable tangles in your practice
  • Highest, Single Pulse Energy for Unbeatable Treatment Efficiency
  • The QX MAX is the highest, single pulse energy generating Q-switched laser on the market. Single pulse Q-switched lasers do not create an optical shield above the target area during treatments. This produces a more efficient photo-acoustic effect and thus requires less fluence to effectively remove pigments. Only high energy, single Q-switched pulses guarantee treatment efficacy at large spotsizes
  • 4 Colors of Q-Switched Beams PLUS 1 Accelera Pulse Infrared Beam
  • The QX MAX combines 4 different wavelengths in an advanced, high-powered solution for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal. It further includes an Accelera Nd:YAG laser to widen its treatment range to include the most popular aesthetic treatments. The QX MAX, 5-in-1 laser system is the ultimate tool to transform your patients' lives
  • From Tattoos and Pigmented Lesions to Popular Aesthetic Treatments
  • The QX MAX removes all common tattoo colors - black and dark tones, blues and sky blues, reds and tans, and greens - by breaking up the pigment particles so that they can be absorbed by the body's natural defense systems. With the QX MAX you can remove the most complex multi-colored tattoos and all common pigmented lesions. And that's not all! Its Accelera Nd:YAG laser is designed to provide very effective hair removal and vascular treatments. It even includes Fotona's newest FRAC3 treatment modality; a non-ablative, 3D self-induced fractional modality for rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments
  • High-Tech Innovations for Superior Efficacy, Ease-of-Use and Safety
  • The QX MAX' state-of-the-art, patent-pending OPTOflex arm is designed to increase precision and accuracy in the most delicate treatments. OPTOflex is light, compact and naturally follows handpiece movement during treatments. Even more, OPTOflex includes revolutionary, Vacuum Cell Technology which creates uniform laser spots. This avoids the ringed effect standard Q-switched technologies leave on the skin. Because the laser power is not focused in one area within the laser spot, the risk of unwanted side effects and skin damage is minimized


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